Vegan, Fresh, Sugar Free, Halal, Made in the USA

3 Fun Facts: Vegan, Healthy, Made in the USA

Something hit me the other day, you know how you know something and think it's so obvious that everyone else knows it too?  

Well I noticed that when I told people that our sauce was Vegan they got really excited!! then, when I said Sugar Free and it speeds up your metabolism, it was like whuuuuuuuut????

At that point, I knew I was completely making assumptions about what others knew, and you know what making assumptions does!

so I made a quick video (less than 3 minutes) highlighting the health benefits of the entire line of DiChickO's Peri-Peri Sauces....

Here it is:

We are so excited to share 3 Fun Facts about DiChickO's Peri-Peri Marinade and sauces.


#1.  We are Vegan and Fresh!

By fresh, I mean, we use Fresh Garlic, Onions, Peppers and Fresh Lemons.  With the lemons, we go the extra step of using the entire lemon, including the peel.  This gives the extra flavor from the zest of the lemon peel and also the wonderful health benefits of the lemon essential oils in the skin.

Vegan!!!!  This one is Huge.

We all could use more veggies in our diet, right?

And, if you follow certain dietary restrictions such as vegan, vegetarian, halal or kosher, you know what a big deal this is.  There are no animal products or by-products whatsoever in any of our sauces!

#2.  It's Crazy Healthy!

- Vegan
- Sugar Free
- Gluten Free
- Nothing Artificial
- No Trans Fats
- High in Antioxidants

The Antioxidant level is super high due to the fresh ingredients referred to above and other amazing health benefits are brought in with the up to 7 herb and spices we use (depending on the flavor).

For example:

Bay Leaves and Coriander: Both Bay Leaves and Coriander are high in Vitamin A, C, Calcium and Magnesium.  They also help with our digestion.

Smoked Paprika:  known to be good for our skin and help us sleep,

and finally, my favorite, the peppers. We use three peppers in all of our recipes, but the Peri-Peri is the signature ingredient.  This tiny little pepper is in the top 10 peppers on the planet!  This means that it has high level of Capsaicin.

A 2014 study showed that people who consumed red pepper with every meal felt increased feelings of fullness and had fewer cravings. The study results suggest that adding capsaicin to your diet can suppress your appetite. This can lead to a decrease in caloric intake and an increase in weight loss.

That's right: Capsaicin helps to reduce your appetite while speeding up your metabolism at the same time, can I get a "whoop whoop!"

And the #3 Fun Fact:  Made in the USA

We've been making authentic South African Peri-Peri Sauces and Peri-Peri Chicken for over 16 years right here in the USA.

This ensures we get to control the ingredients that are used and make sure only the freshest and highest quality items are selected.

And, if you are already a Peri-Peri lover, you know that importing these sauces from overseas is very expensive!  Whether you are an individual who loves to use them at home or if you use the gallons for your restaurant, you will save tons of money by using DiChickO's Peri-Peri Sauces and Marinades as opposed to the ones from overseas (South Africa and elsewhere).

Have an awesome day!!

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