The Deets on Peri-Peri Supply Co.

Scott and Heather LOVE life and LOVE cooking/grilling/smoking.   We are absolute foodies and spend hours researching new cooking techniques and methods.

Heather came across the authentic South African Peri-Peri recipes over 20 years ago.  I remember vividly making the first batch of Peri Peri sauce (in 2004) in the kitchen with a baby under one arm.

I knew Peri-Peri was coming to America and wanted to be ready when it hit.

and, the spring has sprung!

We opened up a Peri-Peri restaurant in Augusta, GA in 2006 and it is still going to this day.  The phenomenon I saw in S.A. took place here as well, people were addicted! They need their Peri-Peri~!

So, fast forward to now, we are still going strong, servicing the nation and restaurants with foodservice pack sizes.


Here's a little bit about who we support:

We proudly support and partner with Glm2, Foundation Inc.

GLM2 logo


We are a Nonprofit, 501 (c) (3), dedicated to eradicating the damage caused by sex trafficking and domestic violence by building and providing safe dwelling places and long-term aftercare for women, and their children, who have been affected by these eternal brutalities.

Enter code: GLM2 when ordering and we will donate $1 for every bottle sold!

“We are not trying to empower women. Women are already empowered just by being women. We are changing the paradigm by establishing Empowered Freedom through Empowered Choices.” 
(Kimberly McDonald-Walden, Founder/CEO GLM2 Foundation, Inc.)


We are passionate about sustaining a long-term healing environment for those who are on the journey to overcome their traumatic past. By building a secure, safe housing neighborhood and partnering with trauma informed counselors, physicians, addiction specialists, education visionaries, vocational trainers, financial planners, pastors, manufacturing distributors, social enterprise professionals, security/safety specialists, legal counsel, and music, art, and equine therapists, we can provide the platform for restoration and give life to the family bond.