Private Label Peri Peri

We are thrilled to help you private label and build your own brand of Peri-Peri!

A recommended beginning order (per flavor) is as follows:

Minimum quantity of bottles per flavor: 200 cases of 6 packs = 1,200 bottles.

Price per bottle of sauce is $3.09 

Label options:

Option 1. You supply the labels. 
we will work with your label company to ensure the labels are USDA compliant.

Option 2. We facilitate your label creation.
We help you with the layout of your label (you supply the logo). 
We use our label company for printing.

1,500 labels: .38 per label

2,500 labels: .26 per label

3,500 labels: .23 per label

5,000 labels: .21 per label

Example first order Summary:

Bottles ordered: 200 cases x 3.09 per bottle + cost of the labels.

@ 5,000 labels, cost is $3.30 per bottle
@ 3,500 labels, cost is $3.32 per bottle

@ 2,500 labels, cost is $3.35 per bottle 
@ 1,500 labels, cost is $3.47 per bottle

Extra labels will be kept at our facility ready for the next order.
(Therefore, your second order will cost less as you will have labels on hand)

FYI: Suggested retail price is $7.99 per bottle so even at the smallest quantity of labels (1,500) you would more than double your cost if you retail for that amount.

Please note: 

Adjustments can be made such as using your own bottle, etc.
The scenario above is the simplest, least expensive and what we recommend to get started!!

Let us know what you would like to do next!

Heather D.


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