Peri-Peri Cafe Manager leaves to become a Registered Nurse

Hide under a rock or throw a party?

How do we handle change?  

I've got a big change coming at DiChickO's Cafe in Augusta.  Our General Manager, My General Manager, friend and "security blanket" is moving on to her new career as an RN.  This Friday is her last day.

I am so proud of her.  I have watched her overcome obstacles and persevere all while still working.  Her hard work and dedication has finally given her the outcome she desired, she is an RN about to start her new career....way too soon for me! (Kidding, not kidding...)

I can either:

1.  freak out and hide under a rock or 

2.  embrace it and even celebrate it!

I choose Option #2.  

I have been getting help in the "mindset" department from a wonderful Mindset coach (Rachel Friedman). She has taught me that all feelings come from thoughts, and, ultimately, we are in charge of our thoughts.

So, rather than feeling helpless and discouraged from thinking "doom and gloom," I can choose to think, "this is part of the journey, Michelle will do a fabulous job" and then my feelings are miraculously better, like instantly! With good feelings, I stay motivated and my actions yield results that keep me on the right path towards my overall goals. 

So, here we go! This is the action:

We are having a party for Heather this Friday (Jan 31st) at DiChickO's Cafe. This is a great chance to come in and say Hello, wish her well, maybe you feel like you know her as a friend and want to bring her a card?? Whatever it is, I am just thankful to get the chance to celebrate her and this moment in her life.

Heather Wade

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