Our Peri Peri Story

In my early 20's, just out of college at the University of Georgia, I did some traveling around the world.  I spent some time in Africa and specifically South Africa.
While there, I fell in love with Peri Peri chicken.  I was in awe of the popularity it had, there seemed to be a peri peri chicken restaurant on every corner.  The flavor was addictive and delicious and I absolutely fell in love. ❤

I discovered that all things peri peri had the same level of popularity around the rest of the world, but guess what, Peri Peri had ZERO presence in America!!

I just had to know...
 "What makes Peri Peri so unique? So sought after?  What makes it stand apart?"

I learned it was two things: 

It was the Ingredients and the cooking process
(what else could it be, right?) 😆

1.  Ingredients: 🍋🌶🧄🧅🌿
Peri Peri sauce uses only fresh ingredients (nothing from concentrate):  Onions, Garlic, Lemons (the whole thing - including the peel IYKYK), tons of healthy herbs and spices like coriander, cumin and more.  Then add the multiple peppers, including the Peri Peri pepper which is, of course, the signature ingredient.  

2. Process: 👩‍🍳
You see, most hot sauces are simply vinegar and pepper. 
That's your basic hot sauce.  Peri peri sauce is made differently - beginning with sauteing the onions and garlic, and then developing flavor over a long period of time.  The result is the layered, depth of flavor unmatched by any sauce anywhere in the world.  BOOM. PERI PERI.

So, we started our company with a dream of presenting this international phenomenon to the US. 

The first batch of sauce was made on my home stove with a baby under one arm.  (She's now a senior in high school).

Fast forward 20 years later, PERI PERI IS UNLOCKED IN AMERICA. 🚀🚀 

The time has come. 

Now, not only do chefs, restaurant owners and foodies search for peri peri, the general American is searching for it, loves it, and so thrilled to find out we exist - with the O.G. recipe, made right here in America.

We now proudly serve on international Delta flights, at Universities, individual restaurants, retail and we are growing every day.

This has not been an easy road, but, in the words of a great man, my husband Scott Harlow...
"If it were easy, everyone would do it."

Heather & Scott Harlow 2023