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Peri-Peri Restaurant supply

Hey foodie! 

Are you hearing all the "buzz" about Peri-Peri? Current research is filled with the rise of Peri-Peri in the US restaurant market.

"Product developers have been in pursuit of the planet’s hottest peppers to capture consumer attention in recent years, but demand for extreme heat is taking a backseat to desire for complex flavors and specific pepper varieties.....“Crushed chili peri peri sauce from Africa and coming into consumer consciousness similar to the way that sriracha sauce did. 
Food Business News: Spice is Nice, but Complexity is Key

Your customers are hearing about it and looking for it.  Be a pioneer in your area and secure your place in the heart of your current and new customers.  The more people eat Peri-Peri, the more they crave it.  Let your restaurant be the home that fulfills their craving.

If the concept is new to you, never fear.  We will teach you the simple process and give you the recipes for Peri-Naise, Sweet Heat and help you every step of the way.  We've been doing this for over 15 years and have figured out how to implement it so simply that anyone on your team can master Peri-Peri!!

And...It's crazy healthy!  Peri-Peri sauce includes garlic, lemon (the whole lemon), onions, coriander, cumin, basil, more herbs & spices, and 3 different peppers including the elusive and exotic Peri-Peri pepper.  Each of these ingredients has a litany of health benefits and when combined with the lean protein, will be winning again in the eyes of your customers.

Whether you want to add a "spicy chicken sandwich" using Peri-Peri to your existing menu, add Peri-Peri Wings, a half or quarter Peri-Peri Chicken, or start an entire Peri-Peri restaurant franchise, we've got you covered.

Our entire line of Marinade and Sauces are made specifically for restaurant use (4 gallons per case) and we distribute all over the world.  

Restaurants have exclusive access to 2 products (Mild and Hot Baste) not available to the public. These are offered only in the gallon pack size.

peri peri gallons for restaurant food service - unmarkedGallons come UNMARKED. 


Yes, all branding is absent from Restaurant Supply packaging and we will help you brand it yourself if you so desire.  

You can put bottles on the table or at the condiment stand with your company's name on it.

Volume discounts apply.

For pricing, samples, distribution info and more...

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