Baby peri-peri sample bottles are so cute!

Baby peri-peri sample bottles are so cute!

How cute are these Baby Peri-Peri Sample bottles?  It's so funny that "cute" has been the adjective used every time.

After 15 years of business, we just had these made for the first time and I'm not sure what took us so long.  A local (huge) real estate company here in Atlanta reached out to us and asked us if we had any small "sample" size bottles as they love to spoil their customers once a year with a local product. They were looking for a Hot Sauce this year as the Atlanta Market is "HOT!"  (see what they did there? lol)

We did some digging and found out our product is approved for airplane sized bottles which turned out perfect.  We offered to put the logo of the real estate company on the bottle, but they kindly stated they wanted to promote a local business and have Georgia on the bottle.

We added a cute business card for them to hang around the bottle and voila!!

What I didn't consider ahead of time is how awesome these bottles are to have on hand personally!  I flew to Albuquerque last week and was able to take my sauce with me on the plane.  The 2 passengers sitting next to me each got a bottle from me instead of a business card. So cool!!

If you have a company or know someone who does that would like these either branded in your own branding or simply showing "Peri-Peri Sauce," let us know! They are very affordable and we will do the artwork on the label for you!

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