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Peri Peri Marinade Gallon

Peri Peri Marinade Gallon

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This gallon of Peri Peri Marinade is a must for all spice lovers. It infuses any meat with a secret combination of bold and citrus flavors for a unique and unforgettable meal. The marinade also tenderizes the meat, making it perfect for peri peri chicken, and is sure to be a game changer for any kitchen!
Originating in South Africa, Peri-Peri chicken is now world renowned and has a "cult" following. Peri-Peri chicken lovers are searching for a specific taste and this is the secret to finding that taste!  This is The Peri-Peri Marinade used in Peri-Peri restaurants all over the world!  We are the ONLY company bottling it and making it available to you!

This is a Bold, Aggressive and Tenderizing Marinade. This marinade works wonders on chicken, meat and fish.  Marinate from 1 hour to 72 hours; This is the secret to perfect South African style Peri-Peri Chicken! 


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